Movida Sydney – Pop-up event Paco’s Pintxos

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On a breezy Spring Sunday afternoon, six friends gather at a Tapas bar for an endless flow of Basque country pintxos. There really isn’t a classy way to devour Pintxos, so we were thankful for the casual atmosphere of this pop-up event, Paco’s Pintxos at Movida Sydney.

Imagine a tabla array of anchovies, sardines, scrambled eggs, morcilla, potato salad, pickled pimiento and olives in varying combinations precariously balanced on a slice of baguette bread, topped with either a dash of caviar or a sprinkle of finely chopped chives. And when the flavours all got too much, a spoonful of refreshing gazpacho to clean the palate or in the case of the Anchoa (Salty artisan anchovy atop a thin crisp of bread), the dollop of smoke tomato sorbet to refresh from the salt.

Breaking up the pintxos were some breaded mussels, potato croquettes and Octopus skewers. All that disappeared in an instant, ravished by a cheerful and friendly crowd.

There was a great vibe in the air and the restaurant played a great host (after all this was one of Sydney’s new two hat restaurant, one couldn’t expect any less) what a fine way to be introduced to the San Sebastian treats and their delightful grazing fare.
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