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La Boheme can be aptly described as a culinary tour of Europe. Packed with German, French, Belgian, Eastern European cuisines and beer, the place aims to be all things to all Europeans.


French Snails in Almond & Garlic Butter


Crumbed Mushrooms

Crunchy Button Mushrooms stuffed with Blue Cheese


German Pretzels

Pretzel with Herbs & Garlic Butter

We ordered three entrees to kick start the meal. Two out of three hit the spot. The french snails are probably better left alone as there wasn’t enough flavour (besides the garlic) to make this dish any good. Pretzels and Crumbed mushrooms however, are good treats and should be good crowd pleasers.

Pork Knuckle

Slowly Roasted Pork Knuckle with Cracklings, Rye Bread, Mustard & Horseradish

Everyday I pray that today will be Goulash Day

Beef Goulash served with Speck Dumplings

‘Everyday I would pray it is Goulash day’ says Paprika in Michael Mcintyre’s cupboard. But I never tasted the paprika in this stew. I think it was substituted for another dosage of Salt.

Crispy roasted Pork Belly, Red Cabbage & Spinach Dumplings


Chicken & Apple Sausages, Red Cabbage & Roasted Potatoes

Chicken & Apple Sausages, Red Cabbage & Roasted Potatoes


Black Mussels in White Wine, Parsley & Garlic Sauce

Black Mussels in White Wine, Parsley & Garlic Sauce

I don’t think one of us cleaned our plates from the mains. The portions were just huge and too salty. We could have kept drinking to wash down the salt, but despite the extensive selections of beverage, I was running the next day and didn’t particularly want to be sweating European beer.

I boil it down to me not enjoying huge portions as much as I used to. But for a meat and beer fest, definitely head down to La Boheme in Glebe for a feed.


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  1. I love La Boheme and went a few times when it used to be in Balmain. I have had the mussels too; the first place I ever had mussels in fact.

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