N2 Extreme gelato

Spare some time for the latest craze in Sydney town, à la Heston Blumenthal style is this impressive laboratory setup. N2 Extreme Gelato, bringing liquid nitrogen to the masses and putting up interesting flavours of the smoothest ices for your pure pleasure.

N2 Lab hard at work

Check out the queue of people awed by the intermittent whisps of cloudy coldness that spawns out of the retro kitchenaids being kept hard at work churning these gorgeous flavours. Don’t know what the OHS rules are but these lab workers don’t wear gloves when they touch these ice cold bowls, preparing and serving up $6 scoops of gourmet gelato.

Can money really not buy happiness?

Yep, $6 for one generous scoop of gelato, any flavour on the board really. Except for happiness. That my friends is deemed priceless. But I can afford $6 of N2 induced happiness. *cheeky*

funky flavours

The flavours board is divine and we enjoyed a good chuckle or two pouring over the good- humoured menu waiting for our names to be called. This btw is NOT a good system. Think if everyone had generic names, how confusing it would get to try to decide which order was yours? N2, why not employ a simple number system? Confusion averted.

Deconstructured chocolate lava

The theatrics of this molten lava syringe does not fail to impress. It gets a little hard to squirt out if the chocolate lava is plunged into the ice cold mix, but otherwise makes decadent squiggles in your rich chocolate gelato.

Walrus delight and Chocolate Lava gelato

Walrus delight tastes a lot better than it sounds. And it’s a pistachio and rose flavoured scoop that is quite refreshing next to the chocolate gelato.

Verdict is, I won’t make this as regular an event as froyo, but it is a delightful experience to be sure.

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2 thoughts on “N2 Extreme gelato

  1. Delightful experience indeed! This is like a fun science experiment that yields yummy treats. Pistachio and rose sounds like a delicious flavor combination. I wish we had something like this in NYC.

    Thanks so much for your visit and very sweet comment :)
    Rowena @ rolala loves

    • I am sure it won’t take too long! I saw Nitrogen ice cream in UK, so I’d be surprised if they hold off from NYC foodie haven.

      I like Rena and your blog is awesome sharing on the best of Asian culture with the western world.

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