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I have been here before for work and I swear the service was a lot better then. Granted they were really accommodating in us bringing in a pram so that I could meet my 7 month old nephew and very thoughtfully placed us in a corner against the wall so that the pram wouldn’t be in the way. However, they weren’t as attentive beyond that and given that I had to try to get their attention each time to order, to get dessert and the bill, I wasn’t overly pleased with the service this time.

That’s where the fault ends however, the dining here is divine for the price. It’s not exorbitant and yet everything is cooked with a certain care and finesse befitting of the Guillaume name and French bistro dining.
2009 La Bastide Dauzac Margaux Bordeaux FR

Starting off with the most easy drinking Bordeaux, mellow yet full bodied, whilst waiting for my company to arrive. They were stuck in traffic.

Chargrilled King Salmon iwth braised Jerusalem artichokes,
broad beans and balsamic vinaigrette

The Salmon was cooked to perfection and elegantly presented.

Sides: Spinach wtih extra virgin olive oil and garlic and French Fries

Getting our three veg quota in. I love the copper dinnerware presentation. Adds a touch of french to french fries.

Barramundi with celeriac purée, field mushrooms and sage butter

Perhaps the Barramundi is the dish that has the most flair, but the portion of barramundi looked measly underneath all that. Can’t fault the fish though. Again cooked perfectly and just moist and lovely to eat.

John Dory with beurre noisette, capers and lemon

I liked the simplicity of this dish. Browned butter, capers and lemon, just as I would do at home. It’s not fancy but it was comforting for me who had been away from home all week and had been eating out all the time.

Valrhona chocolate and salted caramel tart with rum and raisin ice cream

A rich dessert that was just the right edge to finish off our light dinners.

Overall, I still think this place is good value for its spend, especially if you get discounts with the Entertainment card, you’d love the Crown atmosphere, sitting along the bank in its invigorated apple green diner enjoying great food.

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