Sydney Festivals – Crave and Art and about

Something about Spring makes Sydney come alive. Its great weather and loads of things to do. We found the Rubyos 4 course Brunch on the Crave festival website and trooped down to Newtown for a scrumptious feast. $25 for a champagne cocktail upon arrival, Haloumi/ Bacon Bruschetta, Salmon/Ham/Spinach Eggs Benedict, Ricotta Hotcakes and a Fruit and Yogurt platter. It’s beautiful and a great start to the weekend.

After a heavy meal, it wasn’t difficult to trek down to Carriageworks for the Eveleigh Markets, trying to catch it before it closed at 1p.m. As Farmer’s markets go, the prices are premium but the produce are so different from what you may have been conditioned to accept from the Supermarkets. We picked up some poppy peonies and heirloom tomatoes and basil. I am looking forward to recreating my favourite Heirloom tomatoes salad tonight.

The evening was spent checking out the Art and About and its moveable feast. The city is once again decked out with installations that are eeriely beautiful and reminiscent of a Sydney of yesteryears, The Last Drinks at Martin Place, the theatres at Lees Court, The kid that just stands on a corner of George and Barrack Street watching the cars zoom past.

The moveable feast is a streetfood fest with children kept entertained with a showing of Ratatouille and adults by live music and loads of streetfood selections ranging from burgers, hotdogs to pork belly buns and pulled pork. Yumm! Even seagulls didn’t leave us alone that night.

I am paying for the day out now, tucked in bed nursing a full fledged cough that keeps me awake at night. But for that lovely day in Sydney we had yesterday, I’d say it was worth it.Rubyos on Urbanspoon

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